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Quick Junk Removals offers complete removal services at the best prices available in the market. We believe that the main goal of every service company is to keep a customer happy, and that is why we strive to provide reliable and responsible junk removals.

We offer do-it-yourself options to full-scale trash removal, clean-up, and disposal services. We will remove almost anything from anywhere.

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“I’m a single mom who clearly had no idea what junk removal services were, until my house got flooded. Everything in my basement got wet and ruined, and I was hesitant to having to take them out by myself. Quick Junk Removals sent their team quickly and I was able to get rid of everything with no problems.”

Margaret O’Brien
Denver, CO

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Junk Removal and Trash Removal Services

There is no doubt that finding a trusted junk removal contractor can be quite a hassle, especially if you are looking in the wrong places. Nevertheless, with Quick Junk Removals your experience will be just the opposite, because we strive to provide you exactly what you need, when you need it. Whether you’re looking to remove furniture or old office supplies, or if you’re in desperate need for roll-off container services, we got you covered. There is certainly no need for you to keep adding up to the clutter when you can simply give us a call at 888-720-7827 to book your reservation. A representative will be waiting for you in the other end of the line to help you with the process of booking your junk removal truck.

At Quick Junk Removals we are committed to giving our customers the power of choice, we will discuss with you the specific needs that you may have, and work to find the best package to meet your needs. As you may already know, other services can be contracted when using a junk removal service, such as dumpster rentals and roll-off containers. To add to your convenience, we have both of these services available for you; just make sure to tell our representative that you’re interested in them as well.

Moreover, we have taken the measures necessary to decrease your burden of having to shop around at different companies for the better price. Whether you’re located in the city or you’re out in the suburbs, you can contact us to book your junk removal reservation at the best price possible. Undoubtedly, the decision is ultimately yours and you’re free to decline our quoted price, but after some shopping around with various junk removal contractors, you will most likely return to us.

It’s also important to mention that we understand the value of your time, and that’s why we do our best to send out the junk removal truck as soon as you book with us. Many of our customers are busy individuals, who don’t have time to remove their old pieces of furniture and boxes when moving from one house to the other, and that is when we come in. Furthermore, if you have a large warehouse and need to get rid of different types of materials, such as plywood or non-functional equipment, at Quick Junk Removals we can easily take care of that as well.

Without a doubt, there are certain projects that you may be able to perform by yourself, but when dealing with large amounts of debris and just plain old junk, it’s suggested that you let the professionals take care of the problem for you. Make sure you invest your time and your money wisely and give us a call at 888-720-7827 to book your junk removal truck soon. Don’t forget to inquire about the different truck sizes and additional services, such as roll-off containers and dumpster rentals, which can come very much in handy when dealing with a very large project.

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Junk Removal FAQ

Q: How do I make a reservation with your company?
Making your reservation with Quick Junk Removals is fast and easy. Simply dial 888-720-7827 and one of our representatives will guide you through the process. Keep in mind that after receiving the quote for our service, you are not obligated to hire us; however, a quick comparison to other junk removal services will convince you that we’re offering you the best price in the market. If you need time to think about your decision, you can request our customer service representative to give you a call back at a later time to discuss your reservation.

Q: How soon can you pick up my junk?
When you speak to our customer service representative, you will be able to discuss the best time available to start the junk removal process. Some customers like to book their reservations with plenty of time ahead, but if you need a quick response, our representatives will let you know what’s the soonest time slot available.

Q: Why should I hire Quick Junk Removals?
Certainly, there are numerous companies that offer junk removal services and you’re probably wondering why you should choose us. First of all, we’re committed to offering you not only a quick service, but also the best price available in the market. Second of all, we have made our own research and investigation to ensure that you are provided with reliable junk removal trucks and a competent staff.

Q: What payment methods to you accept?
Currently, we accept all major credit cards, which include Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. You can easily make your payment over the phone when speaking to our customer service representative.

Q: How much junk can you take? Are there limits?
Since we cover different types of junk removal projects (industrial, commercial and/or residential), there are different sizes when it comes to the trucks that will be sent to your location. In order to find out which truck is suitable for your own project, you will have to provide us further information, such as the type of junk to be disposed and if it’s a commercial or residential removal. Our representatives will help you choose the best truck for the job.

Q: Can you move junk from one location to the other?
No. We offer junk removal services, which means getting rid of debris and disposable materials that have been accumulated over the years. If you are looking to move your items from one location to the other, you may want to look into hiring a moving truck or van.

Q: What other services do you provide?
Besides offering junk removal services, we offer roll-off containers and dumpster rentals, which can be booked upon request by calling our service line at 888-720-7827. If you are unsure which service will best attend your needs, you can discuss the different options and prices with our representatives, and they will make sure they answer any inquiries or doubts that you may have.

What Junk do we Remove?

In general, junk removal services certainly cover a wide array of items, from which not all of them can be removed by regular junk removal companies. This means that there are numerous items that can be potentially hazardous to human health, and therefore, require a special team of removal contractors. For example, one of the most common type of dangerous removal is asbestos removal, which requires a complete team of people to seal the area off, in order to prevent the asbestos from becoming airborne and contaminating the surroundings.

Getting Rid of Old Junk at Home

Disposing of old junk from your house may not seem like a major project, until you start unpacking old boxes stored away in your basement or attic. Moreover, you may also have old pieces of furniture lying around or old mattresses that serve no good anymore. At Quick Junk Removals we can dispose of everything that is cluttering your home, which can include anything from microwaves and stoves, to television stands. You may also take advantage of our dumpster rental services or roll-off containers, which are perfect for home remodeling projects. There are many other items that can be removed by our well-trained staff, as long as they are not potentially hazardous items. Our services can become particularly handy when you’re remodeling your home, because we can help you get rid of all the waste, giving you more space for the new materials to be installed.

Non-Working Office Equipment

Even though many of our customers are homeowners or individuals that are renting a place, our junk removal services extend to offices and warehouses. It’s important for offices to perform a major cleanup every certain period of time, in order to get rid of all the office equipment that is no longer working properly. It’s fairly easy for offices to accumulate items that are no longer in use, and they tend to take a lot of room limiting the space for employees and functioning equipment. Keep in mind that technology keeps advancing in great steps, which means that computers and electronic gadgets are constantly replaced. By hiring us to remove your junk, you will have enough room for your new office equipment. In addition, electronic items may even be recycled in order to reduce the accumulation of waste at the landfills.

Junk in General

There are many reasons why customers hire junk removal services. Some individuals may be performing a remodeling project at home, while others may want to get rid of all the trash and leaves that have been accumulating in their backyard. Certainly, at Quick Junk Removals we take care of any type of junk in the fastest, most affordable way possible. We understand that time is money, and the quicker that we remove your junk, the quicker that you will be able to install your new appliances (if applicable). Moreover, our trained staff will make sure to carefully clean the area after removing your items, which is an added value that not all junk removal agencies offer.