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“I couldn’t ask for more! This was my first time EVER contracting a junk removal truck and I’m very pleased that I chose to contact Quick Junk Removals. The minute that I spoke to Stacy on the phone, she explained to me the different options that they offered. I was able to book with them quickly and two days later all the junk in my backyard was gone. They took leaves, old books, pieces of wood and many other things that my ex-husband had accumulated. Thank you so much!”
Mary Sheridan, Los Angeles, CA

“I’m a college student who used to rent an apartment with two other people. We had been living in the same place for the last four years, until it was time to move out. I had no idea what to do with all the junk that my roommates cluttered over the years, until I stumbled upon Quick Junk Removals online. I decided to give them a call and booked with them right away. Joe and Frank showed up at my place the next morning and removed everything in no time! Certainly, a very courteous and responsible team; the price they charged wasn’t bad either!”
George Wilkinson, Gainesville, FL

“I’m very happy with the straightforward communication offered by the representatives at Quick Junk Removals. I definitely recommend these guys!!”
Joseph Haggard, Houston, TX

“I was in the process of setting up my home office and I had to clean out the basement thoroughly before starting the project. I had an unbelievable amount of junk that I couldn’t take out by myself, and much less bring it to a landfill or a waste disposal area. I figured I would just hire a junk removal agency but I didn’t have information of any agencies in my area. All it took was one call to Quick Junk Removals and I was booked for the following week. It gave me enough time to sort out the items in my basement and set aside anything I wanted to keep.”
Michael Scalise, Chicago, IL

“They stand true to their name, very quick service!! I was able to rent a roll-off container and it was dropped off in no-time. Thanks!”
Fernando Cruz, Miami, FL

“I started to build an additional room in my house and I was taking my time since I was working by myself. I was cluttering my home with waste and things I needed to get rid of, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to pay for a junk removal service. I called Quick Junk Removal and they quoted me on different services, including a dumpster rental. Needless to say, I went with the dumpster rental, which served its purpose perfectly.”
Robert Green, Long Island, NY

“I’m a single mom who clearly had no idea what junk removal services were, until my house got flooded. Everything in my basement got wet and ruined, and I was hesitant to having to take them out by myself. Quick Junk Removals sent their team quickly and I was able to get rid of everything with no problems.”
Margaret O’Brien, Denver, CO